Menu Plan Monday 10/26 – 10/31

menu plan

Monday: Chicken Patties & Buttered Noodles

Tuesday: Baked Rotini w/ garlic bread (based loosely on this recipe)

Wednesday: Hamburgers/hot dogs on the grill w/ rice

Thursday: Short ribs in the crockpot (I think I’m going to try this recipe and alter it for the crockpot)

Friday: Sirloin steak & roasted potatoes (I inventoried our freezer and we have 8 packages of sirloin steak!)

Saturday: Steak sandwich & chips

Sunday: Leftovers

A lot of these are carried over from last week since we had some late nights and just snacked when we got home. I have a knitting class after work this Thursday and next so I’m going to try to use up some of the cuts of beef that are hiding in my freezer. I’m making a point to post more of the recipes that I use here on MPM, whether it be my version or a link to the original.

What’s on your plate this week? See what’s on cooking over at this week’s Menu Plan Monday.


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