If you have time hop over to Hulu and watch this video. It is an episode of the Dave Ramsey show from last December. It is all about giving and being helped by others’ giving and it is very inspiring. I can’t wait to get to a point where we can give more. Of course, there are small things we can all do to help people who need it.

Some of the things my Mom had us do include giving to various food drives and donating coats. She also gives all our old toys, clothes, etc. to various charities. My favorite was when we picked an ad out of the newspaper when they run those ads for people in need. We picked a single mom with a brand new baby and other young children. It was fun to shop for them and we got to deliver the gifts ourselves and see them unwrap them.

I haven’t done much giving in the last couple years. I try to be generous with money when I can and send homemade goodies to friends and neighbors frequently. There are many more things I could do if I set my mind to it. There so many things fighting for the top spot on “my list” but giving should be moved up a little.

What are some of the ways you give back? I’d love your thoughts and ideas.


One thought on “Giving

  1. Jason

    I am a sucker when it comes to giving. My wife thinks I go overboard. Honestly, I can’t pass up a legitimate charity. Great post.


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