God is working

I’m not going to thump my Bible or anything, and I’m not sure that I have ever even mentioned religion or God here before (not sure on this). I’m not even going to go in to the whole topic very much now.

That being said, God is working in our life in a big way. He continues to amaze me daily. I’ve heard Dave Ramsey say that when you work hard and manage your money well that God seems to bless you in ways you never thought possible. That has sure been true over and over again for us.

Last night we had a little “budget meeting”. We had a $1700 bill and a $600 bill come in the same week and I wanted us to decide together how to manage them. They were both bills that could be paid next month just with a little interest tacked on. We decided to pay half of the total amount now and half next month. Plus, I know the life insurance bill is coming anytime and we need to cash flow that. All of these bills would make things really tight and pretty much stop the progress on our construction projects for the month. We’re used to setbacks by now and are happy to pay cash, grin, and bear it.

Anyway, today another bill came in the mail. This one I had somehow missed altogether and was totally not expecting. It is part of our commercial auto policy and is due by the end of this month. $800. That was going to put us over the top, I just wasn’t sure we could pay them all.

In came soybeans. Okay, we’ll have a check for them next week. We had other plans for the “extra” money but we’ll just have to use part of it for that $800 bill. What a bummer, but we can handle it. Sigh.

Immediately, I mean within 60 seconds of us deciding to pay the bill with that money I clicked over to the online banking. At the top of the transaction list their was a memo: FSA MISC PAYMENT…..$744. My voice cracked as I interrupted Brian to tell him we didn’t have to worry about that bill. These payments come from the government as part of the CRP set aside program (basically they pay us NOT to farm the borders around waterways, etc). I swear we get more of these payments than I ever expect and always at weird times.

This same type of thing happened in the spring. We were just a little short of what we needed for seed and fertilizer. We already had our big tax refund back. Out of the blue, at the best possible time, we got a letter stating that there was an error and if we corrected it we would get another $1200.

I’m rambling and you don’t even need to know all the numbers. I’m just in awe and wanted to share. Tonight we were talking about some friends who are trying to get started farming “from scratch” like we did. There are so many ways we can help and offer up experiences to do so – and I’m so glad we can.


3 thoughts on “God is working

  1. Leigh

    Well, if that isn’t a praise to God, I don’t know what is. Like you, I don’t blog terribly much about my faith, but to me, the spiritual factor can never be ignored.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the comment about onion sets. I found it interesting and made a mental note that this is something I need to be aware of. I had mostly flowers on my pumpkin plants and read that this is due to too many male flowers, but I don’t know what to do about that yet as it’s never happened before. I’ve gardened for many years, but only grew onions once, so I’m still learning their ins and outs and appreciate everyone’s experience.

    I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog.


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