Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday - New for Me!

I have been doing menu plans steadily for the last 4 weeks, I just haven’t been posting them. I made myself up a handy template and plan for 2 weeks at a time now. I’ll just share one week here to keep the suspense going. 😛

Monday: Grilled Cheese with potato balls (potato balls are interesting, I’ll have to share the recipe sometime)

Tuesday: Tater Tot Surprise (using leftover taco meat) (Hot dogs for me)

Wednesday: Cornflake Chicken w/ homemade fries (using crushed cornflakes and mustard coating from freezer)

Thursday: Pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, toast

Friday: Sirloin steak on the grill w/ roasted potatoes

Saturday: Steak sandwich w/ chips (using leftover steak)

Sunday: Leftovers or fend for yourself

What’s on your menu this week? See what others are cooking up here.


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