The Best Gift


As I was putting fresh sheets on the bed tonight I realized how much I enjoy our heated blanket. We get so much use out of it, relying on it every night from October until May. It was a gift from my Mom a few years ago. Our blanket is the type that has two controls, one for him and one for me. I can crank mine up and bake myself while his side stays relatively cool. It is a lifesaver for us and has probably saved lots of fights over too many or not enough blankets. We hang the controls from the headboard and run the cords under the mattress. They come out the end of the bed and attach the to bottom of the blanket. I used to have the cords run under the bed but Roomba tried to eat them so I rearranged (with some help to life the mattress).

This wasn’t a wedding present but it is definitely one of the best gifts we’ve received over the years. What is your favorite couples gift?


One thought on “The Best Gift

  1. Farmer's Daughter

    We have a heated mattress pad and use it to pre-heat the bed so it’s toasty when we go to sleep. Then we turn it off when we go to bed, since I’m paranoid about it catching fire. Not sure if we’ll use it this winter, since I’m pretty hot most nights, but it has 2 controls so Ed might still use it.


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