Around the farm

Welcome to my new “home” on the web!  I’d love some feedback on the new look – good, bad, or indifferent.

I know it has been awhile so here’s a look at what’s going on around the farm…


Since the ewes are off being bred and the one ram lamb died the last little ram lamb is lonely.  He stays as close to the cows as possible.


Of course they could care less about him and lounge wherever they please.


We’re making progress on the new barn.  These are the feeders that will go in it.


I dug the potatoes.  Not a bad haul considering that something (bugs?) killed all the plants before they were done growing.


The garden – almost ready for winter.


“I’ve got the good piece of fruit and you don’t neener-neener-neener…”


Pooh says hello.


The chickens are LOVING canning season.


5 thoughts on “Around the farm

  1. Amy

    I was reading through comments and thought I’d stop by your now “old blog” and saw that you had moved! I’ll have to remember you are here! Hope you like your new “home.” Can’t wait to see how you “fix up” the place. lol 🙂
    Amy @ Raising Arrows


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