The Ewes Have A Date…

Today we took our flock of 7 ewes and ewe lambs to meet their new boyfriends. We split them up over 3 different rams based on who would best compliment each one’s physical features. The stocky, big ewes went in with stylish, finer boned rams and vice versa. It made for a long day since the handsome bachelors live almost 2 hours away.
We made a lot of stops on the way back too. We ordered a new back door for the house so that when the builder comes back to install the new front door he can do them both at once. That will be soooo nice. It is hard to juggle paying off our debt with cash flowing the farm and fixing up the house all at the same time. I’m glad we can still fit in some improvements here and there.
We had a gift card for Cracker Barrel so we had dinner there – we even got my Mom and sister to come with us so that was nice. I’m tired, off to bed. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


3 thoughts on “The Ewes Have A Date…

  1. Everydaywoman

    Ohhhhhhhh, I hope all goes well! I guess sheep are more like horses than cows, in that "au naturel," is the way to go. We've learned that AI is more efficient and successful in cows (which we grew up with) than horses, so we're thinking we may need to make a date for Annabelle in the future. The only problem is that Isabelle's father is far away in Michigan and has recently been gelded! So, she'll need a new boyfriend . . . or baby daddy!

    Do keep us posted!

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