5 Roosters = Soup

Last night we took our 2 remaining turkeys and 5 roosters to the processor. The roosters were all Barred Hollands from the batch of heritage breed chickens I ordered in the spring. I had high hopes for the heritage breeds but the Barred Holland is not a winner in my book. The roos are very aggressive, much like the Barred Rock rooster that we gave away to our neighbor last year because he was beating up all the other birds. I watched them for quite awhile during feeding and the Holland roosters would grab feathers out of the other birds for no reason at all. The Buckeye hens were taking a real beating because they are so docile. I’m very happy with the Buckeyes and the Buff Chanteclers so far, more on that some other time.

I googled how to cut up a chicken and studied several of the results. Last time I attempted to cut up some hens it didn’t go well. This time I removed both legs and both wings, then I cut the birds through the ribcage on each side. I discarded the back and neck and kept all of the other pieces to make canned chicken soup with. The five young roosters yielded 5 quart Ziploc bags of pieces. I removed all of the skin except that on the wings so it will be easy to pick the meat off later.

BTW, the computer is fixed (at least for now) so we’re now back to regular programming. I’ve been a little unplugged from technology this week and strangely enough, I’m enjoying it. I’ve been trying some new organizational techniques to help me stay on track around here. So far, so good. Staying on top of things is so much easier than constantly trying to catch up but it still takes a lot of time.
Have you ever canned soup? Cut up chickens? If not, what are you canning or preserving right now?


4 thoughts on “5 Roosters = Soup

  1. Tara

    Mmmm…homemade chicken soup is great (from homegrown chickens, of course)! Next time, keep the backs and necks – they make the best stock! Loads of flavor.

  2. Julie

    I've never canned soup- just packed it up for the freezer. I think cutting up chickens is hard. I should have agreed with my husband a few years back, that a good knife was all I wanted for Christmas. lol!!!

  3. Jena

    Tara – thanks for the tip, I'll try that next time!

    Julie – I've never made soup at all so you're a step ahead of me! I thought cutting up the chickens was really hard but I was trying to cut down the middle of the breast at first. Cutting through the sides is much easier.

  4. Kathi

    Making chicken soup is really easy, keep it simple, add a few fresh or dried herbs and a good, low-sodium, chicken stock or broth (I make all my own stocks and can them also). Where we live, at an altitude of over 5,600 Ft., I have to pressure can longer at a higher pound per load. If it calls for 10 pounds of pressure, I have to go 15.

    I live in a 1925 adobe farm house (which used to be a working cattle ranch with 900 head). The ol’ homestead was built with a cellar house as well. For us, growing a huge, organic, heirloom garden, raising animals and canning, all go hand in hand. I love to see the cellar fill up with all the goodies from the garden. We also have an orchard which helps with the fruit end of canning, providing we don’t have early blooms and late frost date!

    Shepherdess Kat


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