County Fair Fun!

These pictures aren’t the greatest but I wanted to share all the fun things that happened last week at our county fair!

Our niece bracing her lamb.

Our other neice, Jill. Her sheep was being very stubborn and holding up the class but Jill handled it like a champ.

Jill setting her lamb’s feet in the proper place. She ended up winning her class!
Our nephew showing in the Cloverbud class. The little ones are supervised by an older helper and no ribbons are awarded. It is a great way for them to learn.

The best part: my caramel apple!!

It is hard to tell in this picture but this steer weighs 1800 pounds!

Aren’t the sheep cute in their pajamas!

We went up on Sunday night to see the animals and exhibits. Then we went back on Tuesday to watch our nieces show their sheep. They did great and I learned a lot from watching.

Do you attend your county’s fair? What’s your favorite thing to see or do?


7 thoughts on “County Fair Fun!

  1. Tara

    How fun! I love county fairs, but sadly we don't have one. We just have the BIG Texas State Fair in October. We never go either, because, well, it's huge, insanely crowded, tons of traffic, right in the middle of Dallas, more like a theme park with livestock. 🙂

    We go to this every year instead – it's really fun and the demonstrations are great.

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Our fairs are all in the fall. I'm jealous yours came so soon!

    My town has a potato and corn festival next weekend, which is only about 7 or 8 years old and is run by the recreation department. I remember working at the first one when it was TINY! I like it because our town is so small you know everybody there, and there's a focus on family fun without most of the midway stuff.

    We usually go to two big fairs in the fall, one in Ed's hometown (which is the next town over) and then one in our other neighboring town, which is like the unofficial state fair. We grew up entering things, and this year I'm planning to enter my pie again and some canned goods. Did you enter anything in your county fair?

  3. Captain's Wife - Jennifer

    Looks fun! Can you believe that we do have fairs but I have never been to one? I keep thinking we will, but we don't. Man, I want that caramel apple! 🙂 LOL

  4. Jena

    Tara – Nice to "see" you here. I checked out your blog and I like it. It looks like we're living the same lifestyle in many ways!

    FD – Actually, I never thought of entering anything until you started posting about your pies. I'd like to enter some of my baked goods but when I asked Brian he didn't think they even offered that. He thinks it is only for kids to enter. I'll have to find out before next year. Good luck, I hope you win!

    Jennifer – Yeah, it is a lot of fun. I didn't really get in to the midway stuff but I love looking at all the animals and seeing the kids earn their ribbons. That caramel apple was $4 but it was sooooo worth it!! 🙂

  5. Farmer's Daughter

    I have been craving caramel apples all day!!! Thanks a lot, haha! Hopefully I'll be able to pick one up on Saturday.

  6. Abutton

    Our county fair is one of the highlights of the summer! My sisters show horses some years, we always go to the figure-8 races, and I love to walk through the exhibit hall and see the canned and baked goods that have been entered. The best thing about it is that it is so small-town-America; we run into so many people we know and visit with them!

  7. Julie

    How fun! We went to a 4-H fair on Saturday. It was really, really nice and we all loved it. There are many fairs around here in the fall. We try to make it to a few of them. Daniel LOVES the animals and I love all of it!!! =D


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