Menu Plan Monday

This week is going to be a crazy one for me I think. We have a different vet filling in at work and although she is very good and friendly she takes a looooonnnggg time with each client so I’m prepared to stay late most nights. I also have Thursday off instead of Monday so that throws a wrench in things. We’re taking the last of the colored rangers to be processed Tuesday night so Wednesday after work I’ll be busy bagging and weighing them. I promise a full review on the birds once they are all done.

So here’s what we’re eating:

Monday: Brats (for Brian) and a little steak (for me) on the grill, chips, watermelon

Tuesday: Parmesan Baked Chicken, Baked seasoned potatoes

Wednesday: Chicken sandwiches and fries

Thursday: Homemade pizza and breadsticks

Friday: Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, chips, watermelon

Lunches will be mostly leftovers, yogurt with fresh, local berries, and sandwiches. For breakfast Brian likes eggs and I have muffins or toast. For dessert…well… we’ll see if I get to that this week! 🙂

What are you eating? What is your week going to be like?


2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Captain's Wife - Jennifer

    Great menu! I love that you don't get all fancy and complicated with it. I have been in a menu slump lately. I think I am just ready for fall and winter so I can make stews and soups and "comfort" foods. I miss them.


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