Honeymoonin’ (again, but where?)

So in honor of our fast approaching 1 year anniversary Brian and I have planned for a week off work in the fall. On our honeymoon we went down around Chicago to Moline, IL. We went for the John Deere tractors of course! While we did not get to tour the factory there were some good sights to see and we took a ride on the river (umm, the Mississippi? I don’t know my geography…). Then we went through the bottom of Iowa and up to Wisconsin. We stayed in the Wisconsin Dells and visited some of the many water parks there. Then we rode the car ferry back across Lake Michigan and drove home. We got a late start and weren’t gone the whole week but we had a great time.

I thought I’d share some pics since no one has ever seen most of them…

It is always hard to get away when there is so much to do on the farm. I’m tempted to just throw in the towel and say let’s stay home instead. However, I know how we are and we WILL NOT relax and spend our time together if we’re here, we’ll find a project to work on, the cell phones will ring, and everyone will stop in wanting to buy hay or something. So we have to go somewhere.

Right now my only idea is to head out west a little and visit Mount Rushmore and the parks out that way. We want to drive so we have our own wheels and don’t have to pay expensive airfare. We would absolutely love to incorporate some farm tours in to our vacation.

Does anyone have any ideas? What is good to do in the midwest or nearby? It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Last time I was hoping we’d find neat little stops along the way but we really didn’t. I’d love your suggestions!


10 thoughts on “Honeymoonin’ (again, but where?)

  1. Deb

    Looks like you had fun.

    If you are looking to stay in Michigan you could always go to the U.P.. Munising area is one of our favorites—lots of waterfalls and hiking.

    This spring we drove to Chattanooga, TN. That was a lot of fun. We drove past lots of farms in TN (stopped at a dairy for ice cream and another farm for cheese). TN sure is pretty πŸ™‚ Chattanooga has cool mountain views and a nice aquarium.

    I also just returned from the Catskill/Hudson Valley Region of NY (stayed at a FABULOUS b&b http://www.innattheridge.com, Sal & Bev were awesome and made us feel so at home). This area of NY is wonderful, lots of u-pick farms–mostly for fall…apples, pumpkins, etc,– wineries, and beautiful scenery.

    Hope you find some place fun to go. If you want more info on any of the above just let me know…happy to share.

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    I've never been out to the midwest, so I'm no help! You could always head this way. The leaves in the fall are pretty πŸ™‚

  3. farm mom

    So nice to get to see you two! Such a cute couple. I'm partial to the UP….wayyyyy up there, along the Superior coast, esp the keweenaw peninsula….no ideas for ya if you wanna get outta MI.

  4. Captain's Wife - Jennifer

    You can come to Missouri and visit me. πŸ™‚ LOL Really what I was thinking is to enjoy your time together as a couple! I have three kids so time together alone is very scarce. And we still haven't had a honeymoon. Someday! πŸ™‚ Enjoy it where ever you go! (PS I would go to Yellow Stone or Hawaii)

  5. Jena

    Deb – Thanks for the great ideas. That B&B in NY looks fabulous!

    FD – I'm definitely coming to visit you guys sometime. I'm not sure how far that is, I guess I should figure it out eventually!

    Ang – Aww, thanks. We think we're cute. πŸ˜‰ I like Michigan but we'd really like to see different sights when we have the chance. I'd love to visit all 50 states in my lifetime, although I have no desire to leave the country.

    Jennifer – Aww, no honeymoon!? That's a bummer. I guess you have something to look forward too though. I often picture my husband and I just spending our time off around home relaxing and enjoying each other's company. In reality we go our separate ways and come together for lunch or work together but overdo on this or that. I love our life and what we're doing but we'd don't spend as much time together as I had expected!
    Isn't Yellowstone the park the is near the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore? If it is our neighbors mentioned that too so I'm looking in to it.

  6. Everydaywoman

    What great shots! Does Brian know what a LUCKY guy he is? Just love his "CAT" hat and the boots!

    Sounds like not so much WHERE you guys go, but that you're together. I best you'd have fun anywhere!

  7. Everydaywoman

    Wait a minute, I second Abbie's suggestion. Come to Connecticut. . . have a hayride and pick apples and pumpkins at Rose Orchards. Wait a minute, we could put you to work, since you're practically family!

  8. Jena

    Ruth – Funny story about that CAT hat – we went to tour the John Deere headquarters and forgot he had it on. The guy at the front desk gave him a really hard time about that one! πŸ˜‰
    We'd love to come visit you guys sometime but I don't think our timing would be right this year. Our vacation is the week of Labor Day so fall wouldn't really be kicking in yet there would it? I told Brian you wanted to put him to work – he says no hay baling please! πŸ™‚


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