Good Day For A Ride

Today was a great day for a horseback ride! After not riding at all yet this summer I went for a ride yesterday and today. It always seems like there are a million other things that should be done and it is a lot of work to hook up the trailer, pack up the saddle, load the horse, etc. However, it is so worth it when I finally get to settle down on my horse. I love taking in the scenery and chit chatting my friends.

In case you’ve never ridden a horse, here’s a taste of how things look from the saddle…


4 thoughts on “Good Day For A Ride

  1. Julie

    Thanks for taking me along! 🙂 I still want to sign Daniel up for lessons. Maybe in the fall! I know he'd love it.

  2. Captain's Wife - Jennifer

    It looks so wonderful! I haven't ridden a horse since I was a kid and a friend of mine had a couple. I'd love to get a couple.


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