They’re chickens, not ducks!

So the chickens are drinking so much in this hot weather that we drug the hose right out there. Every few days we drag it back and fill the other animal’s big tanks. Tonight I went out and watered the chickens… then I came back up and we worked on the fence for about 3 hours. We finished it and weaned the lambs by putting them out on pasture and leaving the ewes in the garage. I’m hoping their milk will dry up this week – they won’t get any grain and will have only old hay this week. The babies are crying but the moms don’t seem to mind much right now.

Once the hard work was all done Brian went up to grab a pail of water for the lambs. Guess what? I had left the hose water on. For. 3. hours. Brian suggested I go check and see if they needed a life raft. They didn’t, since there shelter was there raft surrounded by 2 inches of water on all sides. I knew I put a floor in that thing for a reason!! Too bad the flooding wasn’t Mother Nature’s fault instead of mine. What a waste. The good part is that the water will absorb overnight and the chickens were enjoying running through it.

A lot of money could be made if someone would invent a buzzer that sounds after the hydrant is on for a certain amount of time. When I used to keep my horses at my Dad’s he finally made me hang my truck keys on the hydrant when I turned it on so that I couldn’t leave without checking it. Anyone have a similar idea for watering at home? Anyone else make this mistake or forget something else and cause waste in the process? C’mon – make me feel better, please!


8 thoughts on “They’re chickens, not ducks!

  1. Farmer's Daughter

    One time I left the fridge door cracked open all day while I was at work. The ice in the door melted into a big puddle on the floor, and everything was warm when I got home. I felt bad about the waste of energy, too, so I feel your pain!

  2. juliana

    One day, before going into class, I specifically turned off my ipod, because I usually leave it on by accident and drain the battery. After the 3 hour class, I came back to find my keys in the ignition and the car running… At least I saved my battery ipod!!! And don't feel too bad, it sounds like the chickens had a blast 🙂

  3. MoBea

    Actually, my husband often leaves the hose running in the horse's tank until I happen to notice the water cascading over the edge and the 'lake' at the edge of the pasture! So nice to find out when 'I'm not the only one!'

  4. angie

    I do this kind of stuff all the time (leave the tea kettle on and get busy doing something else. I I forget about the bread rising too). I bought one of those wind up kitchen times (no batteries) and it has a cord for around my neck. I can set it when I know that I am doing lots of things that will distract me – the timer reminds me!

  5. Julie

    I sometimes leave the gas burner on to dry one of my pans…I just hope I'm always home to notice. It's so scary to do that. At least there is a smell to make me aware of it. 😦

  6. Knittinannie

    Welcome Jena to the group….we have sheep & use a poly-pan waterer
    from mid-states or Hubby says maybe Wickes carries it. We've used it to water 40 ewes so it whould work for your chickens

  7. Tara

    This past weekend, we watered our garden. ALL DAY. 😦 So no, you're not alone.

    Just found your blog, and I'm enjoying it so far!


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