I really did do a Menu Plan!

I really did, I just never posted it. Okay, I also never finished it. Better late than never. Here it is:

Mostly frosted shredded wheat.

Mostly PB&Js + pretzels and/or lettuce & peas from the garden + string cheese

Monday: Leftover Spaghetti and Quick Cheese Bread

Tuesday: Meatball Subs/Toasted Bread with Parmesan

Wednesday: Hot Breaded Chicken Salad (this was great to take to the hay field)

Thursday: Lil’ Smokies (for me)/Hamburgers (for Brian) w/ Cheddar Potato Strips

Friday: Marinated Steak and Baked Potatoes on the grill

Strawberry Shortcake w/ whipped cream or ice cream

What are you eating this week?


One thought on “I really did do a Menu Plan!

  1. Farmer's Daughter

    Take-out from the local seafood place last night… I got home late from graduation.

    Other than that, same old same old. We're going out Friday for our anniversary! I can't remember the last time we went out together ALONE, probably last year's anniversary.


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