Are You A Twit?

LoL, I just had to pose my question like that. If you’ve listened to the Dave Ramsey show lately you’ll get it. Anyway, what I mean to say is “Do you Twitter?” or Tweet or whatever? I decided that I would not get in to that because Lord knows I don’t need another reason to sit in front of this blasted computer. However, since I’m staying up later for summer I find myself craving communication. Blogging is great but it doesn’t really supply an immediate fix like AIM used to do back when I used that. Then I think how nerdy I would sound, “Oh yeah, I heard on Twitter the other day that blah blah blah”. I already mention my blog way too much in real life.

“Seriously, I found the best recipe on this woman’s site that I blog with…”


“Well, I don’t care if you think eggmobiles are weird. Everyone that I blog with thought it was a great idea!”


“Honey, look what so-and-so’s husband built (showing him pics on blog). Do you think you could build one of those for me?”


“Gosh, do you have your pumpkins planted yet? Okay good, neither do I. I was getting worried because all the people who have blogs that I read have theirs planted already.”

Please, please tell me you guys talk like this too. Maybe we should have kids so I can at least blame it on them that I am so sheltered. It isn’t that I don’t have friends in real life. I just really don’t like going out and sitting at the bar or pretending to have a big social life. I don’t like making plans much at all, then I feel like my whole day or weekend is already gone. Hmm, great, now I sound super anti-social. Oh well!

So, back to my original question, do you use Twitter? If so, what do you think about it? Fun? No? Educational? I really don’t want to just report what I’m doing all the time but if Dave Ramsey is on there then it must have some potential to be interesting. I’d love your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Are You A Twit?

  1. Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5

    I've been on Twitter for longer than it's been popular. It's overblown hype, in my humble *ahem* opinion. 😀 Seriously, when I was first on, there was a lot more interaction. Now? Well, I bet it would be better if I followed better people. I don't know if it's going to be the chit/chat back and forth that you're looking for. I rarely have anyone tweet back to me… maybe it's me?! Well, you can always try it. 😀 I find it hard to figure out who to follow ~ it's not easy searching for people on there!

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Nope. Don't you use a cell phone for that? Mine lives in my care and only gets used about once a month, so I just figured I was out of Twitter all together.

    I don't need one more thing to get drawn into! And I say the same things. Except I say, "Oh, I have a friend in Michigan who does…" That way I don't have to say the blog part and people don't look at me the same way 🙂

  3. farm mom

    I am the same way. I have made some really great friends thru blogging, and like you, I am not a bar scene kind of girl. It's kind of nice to be able to goof off and chat with great people while at home, your hair all a mess and still in your pjs!! 🙂 I haven't tried twitter, but I am on facebook and I enjoy google chat as well.

  4. Joyce

    I talk about my blog friends all the time, and my husband thinks I'm nuts!

    I don't use Twitter (maybe if it had a better name I would be tempted!), but I do get a real kick out of facebook. I love staying connected to all my old friends that way. We call it "wrinkled facebook"!

  5. GreenRanchingMom

    I love to tweet!! You're right, when you're all alone @ night on the ranch, seeing everyone's realtime day, makes me feel less alone.


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