Garage Sale Finds

Last weekend there was a neighborhood garage sale nearby. It was raining that Saturday but I went out anyway. It had been so long since I’ve been to a good sale!

I had a few good finds. Several name brand tops for $0.50 – $3 a piece. Aero, Arizona Jean Company, American Eagle, etc. A few cute long sleeved henley style shirts. A turtleneck sweater. One nice hooded sweater and one mini sweater (the kind that just hugs your shoulders). Also, I picked up 2 pair of jeans for a few dollars each. After trying them on at home I can tell they don’t fit well enough to be good going out jeans. However, they’ll be ready for scooping poop and gardening, if nothing else.

Another great find was a riding helmet. I really needed one since I’ve been riding on my own more this year and can’t always borrow one from a friend. It is not a good idea to buy a used helmet in case it has been damaged. I feel okay about it in this situation because I’m pretty sure the girl just lost interest in riding. It was only $5. I’ll have to try it for a whole ride to see if it’s comfortable. If not, for $5, I can donate it to 4-H.

What kind of deals have you been getting?


3 thoughts on “Garage Sale Finds

  1. Jayme Goffin

    I love good garage sale days! I’m just getting ready to post on my blog about what I found at a garage sale….lol…funny to think someone would want to see it, isn’t it, but it’s fun! Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Captain's Wife - Jennifer

    Great finds! I am so ready to hit some good ones. Maybe we’ll try to go to a few in the morning. Friday evening ones are a big thing around here too, so maybe we’ll hit some tonight! 🙂


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