Chick City and a Rough Night

Well, Becker Farms is now the proud home of 99 Colored Range chicks! They arrived Friday and I was able to get them home from the post office and settled before going to work. I took the above video that morning. Aren’t they fun to watch! I’m thrilled with how vigorous they are. I didn’t have to show them how to eat or drink, they just jumped right in. They do need a bigger space so I’m going to work on the eggmobile today. Right now the chicks are in our basement. Once the big chickens are out the old coop is going to be our brooding space. We did have one fatality yesterday, it was very weird and I still don’t know why it happened. The chick had a bum leg and a sore on it’s belly. Honestly, it looked like a little piece of intestine had come out and wrapped around the leg. It was horrible and I hope it doesn’t happen again! On the plus side, the rest are doing great!

Apparently I was super worried about the chicks last night. The night went something like this:

9 PM – Hubby takes a shower, I start to fall asleep on the couch.

9:10 PM – Uh oh, what is that sound! Sounds like a chick in distress. Oh, that’s just the puppy snoring on the old couch.

9:30 or 10 PM – Hubby wakes me up, I move to the bedroom and go back to sleep.

10:23 PM – Wake up, dreaming chicks were all gone. Fall back asleep. Toss & turn a lot.

12:43 AM – Wake up to another weird noise. What is that!? After listening I determine it is the puppy barking in her sleep, so she’s having a rough night too. But where is she!? I get up and find the bedroom door open (unusual) and the puppy on her couch. Fine, she should be okay there. Then I tiptoe downstairs and watch the chicks. All still alive!

1:05 AM – Back to bed.

3 ish AM – Wake up dreaming of a new idea for a Criminal Minds episode. Eventually fall back asleep.

6:43 AM – Sam (our medium size lab) decides I’ve slept long enough and should wake up and let him outside. I do so after making a mental note that human children are a very bad idea and could be the end of any kind of sanity for me…

Enjoy your Sunday, check back later for my Sunday Stroll!


8 thoughts on “Chick City and a Rough Night

  1. Everydaywoman

    Wow! 99 chicks! Aren’t you brave?!

    Actually, the loving way you tend to all of your animals–as well as the ability to withstand sleepless nights–is GREAT preparation for parenthood! I know you’d make the BEST Mommy!

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Haha! Ed, his dad and brother worked on the movable turkey coop and pen, that they’ve designed to turn into a greenhouse in the off season (replacing wire with plastic). We moved the turkies to their new home, but I forgot my camera! I’ll have to bring it over some time this week.

  3. Jena

    Ruth – Brave or stupid, we’ll see! 😉 My boss says the same thing about being a good Mom when I’m holding her 9 month old in one arm and restraining a dog with other. Regardless, no babies for us yet – please! It seems like more and more people we know are pregnant lately and it’ll probably be like this for the next 5-10 years. I’m kind of afraid to drink the water…

    FD – Those pics sound interesting. I < HREF="" REL="nofollow">posted<> about turkey setups over at the Nature’s Harmony board and didn’t get much response. I was a little disappointed that they like roosting in high places, they might not like the little portable pen I was going to use for them. I hope your family’s turkeys do well in their new home!

  4. Jena

    Angie – I just looked back through my posts and I think you’re right, I never have talked much about the Colored Rangers. They are primarily raised as broilers and are a nice alternative to the Cornish crosses and all their problems. This is my first time raising them and I hope they are good… especially since we have so many! I have a few people interested in trying them. The breasts aren’t quite as large as the Cornish and they take a little longer to finish. They should be 4-5 pounds in 9-11 weeks. I’ll have to do a more thorough post about them at some point, thanks for pointing out that I haven’t yet!

  5. Farmer's Daughter

    Next time I’m over there I’ll take some pictures and post them. Maybe this weekend? But maybe not for a while…

  6. Jena

    FD – Yeah, no rush, it would just be interesting. I doubt I’ll ever get Brian to build another poultry shelter anyway after the joys of building the eggmobile! 😉 I have a couple portable shelters that will probably just have to work.


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