This is WAR!

I am so sick of dog tracks in my freshly planted garden…

of dog poop all over the garden (I thought I’d spare you a picture) when I’m trying to dig in it… and now… now I’m really, REALLY mad. This…

is damage to my garlic. My precious, vigorous, first-time-for-me garlic. The same garlic that is the only thing actually growing in the garden so far. Except asparagus. Anyway… THIS…

is the solution to all my doggie garden problems, or at least I hope so. The garden just happens to be next to the electric pasture fence and I just happen to have some push in posts and extra wire. I love animals, but I’ll be watching tomorrow morning as they bound out to the garden for their morning business. And I’ll be doing a victory dance as they get they get the shock of their lives. After all, this is war, and I’m hoping to win!


5 thoughts on “This is WAR!

  1. Captain's Wife - Jennifer

    Oh, and tell me about the garlic. Did you plant it this spring or last fall? When does it get harvested? I want to start some.

  2. Jean

    I wish it is that simple for rabbits!! I really desest dogs in gardens to the point of being willing to use BB gun on them up close- even on own dog!! If they get in fenced area anyway, put up another strand to make space smaller. How about barbed wire? Spokes will then “comb” the fur and increase chance of making them YELP. 🙂

  3. Jena

    Jennifer – Farm Mom’s < HREF="" REL="nofollow">blog posts<> about garlic are my favorite resource. Last year I almost didn’t plant any because every place was sold out. Then I saw this < HREF="" REL="nofollow">post<> at One Green Generation and ended up ordering from Peaceful Valley.

    I planted my garlic in the fall and mulched heavily with straw. They were already coming up on April 1st and are quite tall now, 6-8″ I would guess. I highly recommend growing it, it is so easy I don’t know why more people don’t! Let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll try to help.

    Jean – Good, I’m not the only ruthless one. That is one advantage here of having 3 dogs, we don’t have many rabbits in the garden.


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