This is why…

…I’m glad that new dog bed cover only cost me $1.

This is also why we needed a new cover in the first place. Once every few months the “puppy”, now 1 1/2 years old, feels the need to destroy something. Bitter apple spray seemed to stop her from chewing up the bed at night. Unfortunately I left it lying too close to her cage today when I went to work (for her brothers to lay on) and she sucked it into her cage.

The good news is I might be able to fix it, the even better news is that if not I still have the other half of the sheet to make a new one from! This was at least sort of funny, much less tragic than a few weeks ago when Brian lost 2 pairs of slippers to the little mutt in the same week!


3 thoughts on “This is why…

  1. ~~gail~~mooselovingmamabear

    We just got a new puppy last night…I should have read this first..LOL I hate house training…


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