Not much of a post, but here is something I just thought of. Over at Farmer’s Daughter they are talking about naming a horse. How exciting, by the way!

Anyway this got me to thinking – I’ve never clarified how to say my name. I was forever being called Jean-a by substitute teachers so some of you may think of me as Jean-a. However, my name is Jen-a. That’s Jen, and then an “uh”. Thank my Mom for the original spelling! 🙂

So what assumptions might we have made about all of you that you could clear up?


3 thoughts on “Jen-a

  1. Farmer's Daughter

    I was pronouncing it correctly in my head. That name’s easy compared to a lot of my students with international names.I don’t think that people have made assumptions about me… that I know of. But a lot of people assume Ed’s name is Edward when it’s really Edwin.

  2. Everydaywoman

    You have such a pretty name and I’ve been thinking Jen-a all along, but I have to fight myself to just type ONE N !I hated my first name growing up because I thought “Ruth” was a name for old ladies, as I didn’t know any other “Ruths” my age. Now I appreciate that it isn’t a “run of the mill” name and don’t say it . . . that I’ve grown into it or that it IS a name for old ladies! LOL

  3. Jean

    I hear ya! So many mispronounced my maiden name!! People would say Betty’s instead of bet-is. I no longer have that name. Should I dare to say my name? Some people called me “Gene”. Spanish-speaking people often said “Gean”. My name is JEAN.


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