Tracking Paper Usage

Our second order of Seventh Generation 500 sheets/roll 100% recycled toilet paper came yesterday. We split the first order with a friend so started with only 24 rolls. That was on November 19, 2008. Not bad, eh? I had signed up for the subscribe and save option on and set it at 6 month increments to give myself plenty of time to cancel before the next shipment, in case we didn’t like it. The hubby hasn’t complained too much and it is way cheaper than the recycled TP at the store so we’re sticking with it. Since we were getting low on our supply I requested our next shipment right away.

Anyway, I wanted an easy way to track our usage so I designed the following sheet in Excel. This is just a preview so you can either make your own or I would be happy to attach my sheets in an e-mail for you. If you would like copies just e-mail me at OneRoanPony at hotmail. This shows the second sheet I made to track paper towels and tissues but shows the same fields.

It is hard to see in that picture but here’s what I wrote:

11/19/08 – 24 added – ? left – New total rolls 24
2/12/09 – 48 added – 2 left – 83 days – 22 rolls used – .26 rolls/day (1 roll/4days) – New total rolls 50

The math is pretty easy:
# Rolls used/# Days = # Rolls per day
so 22/83 = .26 rolls/day

1/# Rolls per day= # Days per roll
so 1/.26 = 3.8 which I rounded to about 1 roll every 4 days

Get it? Like it? Let me know what you think about it, or how you track your usage. I can see charts like this cropping up all over the house. The next one I think I’ll tape up in the laundry room to track laundry soap usage. Hopefully this will help us cut back even more!


6 thoughts on “Tracking Paper Usage

  1. Jena

    Lol. That’s what Brian said. I probably won’t do it for ever but it will help me figure out how much to by when there is a good sale.

  2. Farmer's Daughter

    Hey Jena- Totally unrelated question for you…We’re trying to decide what kind of chicks to buy. It’s important to us that they’re good layers and they’re friendly. I know you’ve spent a lot of time picking out yours, so I was wondering if you can suggest a good breed for us. Feel free to email me: abbier31081 AT aol DOT com.Thanks!

  3. angie

    Here’s a way to cut down on paper usage even further – no more tissues. Use bandanas or hankies -easy to wash with towels, you can get zillions of re-uses, and most importantly kinder on the nose.We’ll never go back to paper tissues. At one point, I ordered a case of TP from amazon too – it was on super-sale, way cheaper than even my food coop. We’re still working on it – its been almost a year. 🙂

  4. Green Resolutions

    Hey Jena, I did see this post the other day, but got sidetracked before I commented. My husband (an accountant) would totally love it if I were this organized. He thinks it doesn't exist if it isn't in Excel. I should start tracking so I can figure out this Amazon subscribe & save thing… Thanks!


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