Sunday Stroll

It feels good to be out strolling again today. It was still very cold as we’ve been getting storms all week but at least the winds died down and the sun came out. I couldn’t resist getting some more pictures of the horses while I was breaking their ice. The rest are mostly views from our front porch before the wind stopped.

Check out who else is strolling today over at Quiet Country House.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll

  1. Aisling

    Jena,I’m glad you strolled again. I think your photos are very creative. I love the horse and dog photos – always! And the light in some of your photos is so golden and lovely! It looks warm, despite the snow somehow. Thank you for letting me know you had a Sunday Stroll post up. I’ll add you to my list.

  2. eco 'burban mom

    Beautiful! Hasn’t it been so cold! I feel like winter is going to seem endless this year because we’ve already had snow and cold for so long. I’m not looking forward to February!! Though, we are enjoying it now, my boys spent all afternoon sledding and snowboarding down our backyard hill. The dogs chased them for hours, so tonight everyone is sleepy!! Stay warm!

  3. Abbie

    Brrrr… it looks cold at your house today! We got a little bit of wet snow, and temps were in the 30s here today. Very windy, but not exactly bone chilling.

  4. Everydaywoman

    Jena,Love your horses, dogs, and your landscapes . . . just beautiful! We’ve tried some of those heating elements in some of our animals’ water buckets, but usually we just end up breaking the ice, too. Looks like they’ve got their “winter coats” on! Stay warm this week!Ruth


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