Video of the Damage

Thank you to everyone who left kind thoughts for us on the last post. We do have insurance. We spoke with the adjusters today and one of them will be stopping by this evening to take some pictures. The insurance company will be sending a fire investigator out to confirm our suspicions that the cattle started the fire by chewing through the cord on their stock tank heater. Brian ran the cord through a thick metal pipe to prevent this problem but the cattle must have pulled on it enough and reached the end. It is heartbreaking to think that this could have been prevented, and we will be looking in to different methods of providing water in these freezing temperatures.
Our cattle are safely at a friends’ with his cattle. We’ll make long-term arrangements for them once we see how long it is going to take to rebuild. The building that burned was not ideal for our plans and so we may be redesigning it before we replace it. I feel that the threat of fire is just one more reason that raising animals on pasture is a far superior method.

Here’s some video I took yesterday after the firefighters got the flames out. It shows the damage inside as well as the lean-to that the cattle were in.


4 thoughts on “Video of the Damage

  1. Abbie

    It will absolutely be history and you’ll be able to tell your children about it just like my family has passed down the story of our barn burning. So sad.

  2. JoanBailey

    Hi Jena, I replied to your comment on my blog and then strolled over to yours to say hello. I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now. We’ll be thinking of you, and checking in to see how it all is coming along.


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